About Us

Im Beck i’m 28yrs old and just got engaged to my hubby to be Dave, we have two beautiful children Chase our 3 year old cheeky boy and our little princess Arliyah who is 9months.

My passion is food i have spent the last 5 years finding what works for me and i’m still learning.
In that time i was extremely sick lost lots of weight took too many antibiotics ate way too much gluten drank too much and had many random illnesses such as gout, sinus infections stomach ulcer, bowel problems and probably some others i forgot. Even though i always ate quite healthy.
I was diagnosed with fructose malabsorbtion, found out i was pregnant and finally put on some weight. Suffered gestational diabetes and diagnosed with the coeliac gene. Fell pregnant again was positive for gestational diabetes AGAIN! When my baby girl arrived she was milk protein intolerant so i had to cut diary and while i was at it i decided the to cut all Fodmaps gluten and sugar from my diet also. Here i was thinking i have nothing to eat but little did i know what laid ahead for me…….

Im Ashlee

Im the baby sister 22 years old
on a path to find what i want in life.
I’ve always liked food way too much and lived in the fridge. I had a bad diet which made me depressed, i ate because i was depressed and i was depressed because i ate.
I would always look at Beck and think why cant i be as disciplined with food like her. She would make me try her food not telling me what was in it till i spat it out. But i have come along and i’m seeing results.
I then started to think about not only what i was putting in my body but what i was putting on my body and how it effected me. I started researching homemade beauty products and began using Beck and mum as my guinea pigs.
Its a healthier way to look after you skin and most of the ingredients are in your kitchen.




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