Gratitude Jar


Gratitude is essentially the recognition of the unearned increments of value in one’s experience—the acknowledgment of the positive things that come our way that we did not actively work toward or ask for.

Life is so flat chat, fully of routine, appointments, pressure, wants, needs, expectations, stress and a whole lot more. Im feeling a little overwhelmed as i write this.

I don’t know about you but sometimes i find myself getting caught up in my everyday things and becoming flustered, and in a negative headspace. So i want to change it.

While looking online for Gratitude Jars i stumbled along this post . These words have made it clearer to me as this is a cycle i know i get stuck in and i want to start shifting my way of thinking .

The Never Enough Problem

Never good enough.
Never thin enough.
Never clever enough.
Never pretty enough.
Never rich enough.
Never successful enough.
We could all fill in the blank of “never __________ enough.”

What you’ll Need
Jar (any kind i’m going to use on of my old coconut oil jars)
Cute paper for writing your gratitude words on
What to do
Decorate your jar and place somewhere you will see it everyday
Pop your paper and pen near the jar and every day write something you are grateful for, you can do it more than once in a day if you are really feeling it.
Do this everyday for a year and then pick a day to read all you notes
I think i will do it weekly as i am super impatient 🙂 there is no rule
It just a simple little thing to bring your focus back to being grateful, shift the way you think and appreciate yourself. And it super cute.
I will keep you update on my jar and gratitude 🙂