Easter Bunny Stick Puppets

An easy Easter Craft to do with your little ones.



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Easter Inspired Raspberry Bites

Today has been a busy day of creating in my house today.

We started the day off with an Easter craft then went on to Easter chocolate making.

I wanted to make a strawberry cream chocolate bite but we my strawberries had reached there time and were beginning to get sloppy. Really have you ever had, a punnet of strawberries where they have all been good?

So Raspberries it is

Loving the colour

Loving the colour

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Brown Sugar and Milk Mask

Ladies now is the perfect time to start getting your skin ready for winter. As the weather starts to get colder our skin becomes dry and dehydrated, milk helps to restore moisture and hydrate your skin.

What you will need
Brown sugar
Electric whisk or regular whisk


  • Mix 1 cup of brown sugar with 2 tablespoons of milk with an electric whisk or a regular one, until it forms a runny paste
  • Dampen your face and neck then apply the mask
  • Leave on for 15 minutes and relax
  • Rinse off with a warm cloth
  • Moisturise as normal

Please discard any leftover mixture as it must be used straight away.

ash xox