Dry Hair Winter Blues

Winter has finally set in, cold days and  heaters pumping leads to dry skin, hair and lips. So its time to add a little extra moisture and some deep conditioning treatments to our beauty regimes.


As hair gets dry it becomes dull and more prone to split ends. So adding a treatment once a week can really help. I tried this on my hair last night and it felt awesome afterwards super soft and shiny just like your hair feels after a trip to the salon.

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Pumpkin, spinach and ham mini Quiches ( kid friendly, dairy free, low Fodmap, gluten free and paleo option)

Quiches are so versatile you can add or sneak many veggies into them. Not to mention they are easy to make a fantastic quick meal or snack.


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Eggplant Fries

Gone are the days of plain potato fries, now you can turn most vegetables into chips zucchini, sweet potato and as i tried to today eggplant. I wasn’t to sure how they would turn out so i just tried a small batch. They were delicious, crunchy on the outside and soft and almost creamy on the inside, a fantastic combination full of flavour.


As i’m a throw a bit of this and a little of that in, type of cook that rarely measures ingredients let alone write down what i have done. This is what i used you can add as much herbs depending on your tastes.

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