Lemon Coconut slice (gluten free, dairy free, fructose friendly, low FODMAP)



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Chocolate Cupcakes ( paleo, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fructose friendly, low FODMAP)

Our little princess in milk protein intolerant so she couldn’t eat the Peppa Pig cake i made i know mean aren’t i. She is only 1, she wouldn’t have know and she wasn’t unhappy at all by the replacement cupcake that i had for her nor was i. A lovely guilt free treat that doesn’t hurt the tummy. (anyone in my house’s anyway)


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A Peppa Pig “Muddy Puddles” Birthday Party with crafts

Our Baby girl is about to turn 1, wow how that year has flown by.


Arliyah loves Peppa Pig so i wanted to create a Peppa Pig style party for her without having to spend lots on all the merchandise party goods. It was a lovely change to do a girls party as i have been doing little boys parties for the past 3 years. I love to bit of a challenge what better way than to craft, cook and have a party.

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