Super Hero 4th Birthday Party

Though the party has been and gone (a little slack on the blog posting) I’ve finally done it Now its off to start organising little miss’s 2nd Birthday.




For the cake i had millions of ideas running through my head, a stacked caked in the shape of buildings, a square cake with super heroes on it, but i went with number cake as  i am yet to have made one.
The Cake was easy i went lazy style and rented the number 4 tin rather than cut it out myself.
First off i made the figurines a week before so they were nice and firm.

I looked up each character and pretty much went from there, making the head first then body and adding the features as i went after the first one it got easier and faster probably because i did spiderman first and he was super fiddly. I pretty was happy how they turned out.

I cooked the cake the day before and once it had cooled, i sectioned up the cake into 4 and dyed the fondant.
Then i rolled each colour fondant out and place it on its section. I the added the features, Iron man i did a metal like armour, Spiderman i did a web with a spider in the centre, Batman i did his logo and Superman i wanted to do kryptonite but that didn’t work out and i couldn;t play around with it forever so i scraped that idea and did buildings.

As we had a Super Hero Themed Party we had to be dressed up




This costume was really easy to make.

I bought a black t-shirt  and printed out the
wonder woman logo and glued it to the tee,
i couldn’t find red leggings so i had to go with
some leg warmers,  cute red shoes with gold dots,
for my head band i cut out a piece of cardboard paper
and painted it gold stuck a red star on it and pinned
it to my hair. Then all i had to do was make the
TuTu i think all up it cost me $20


For the Tutu
Blue tutu material 2 mtrs
A piece of red material for the cape
Elastic or Ribbion cut a little bigger than your waste
White Felt for the stars
Glue gun

  • After cutting out your elastic roll out you tutu material and cut into 2-3 cm strips
  • Now to start tying you material into knots around your elastic
  • Fold one strip in half and tie around your elastic, continue until all material is used up
  • You elastic should now have a tutu
  • Set up a hot glue gun, while it is warming cut out 10 or so stars from your piece of felt
  • Now glue randomly on to your tutu careful not to burn your finger
  • I used Chase’s batman cape as a guide to cut out my no sew cape and just tied it around my neck

Super Arliyah as she calls herself


Robin, Wonder Woman and Chase in the background in one of many costumes for the day Zorro

Gotham City Back Drop

Gotham City Back Drop

Gotham City Back Drop

Blue wrapping paper
Black card paper
Double sided sticky tape
Yellow post it’s

I pretty much had everything at home for this, all i needed was the wrapping paper which i got from the$2 shop

Measure out the size you want your background and cut the wrapping paper rr
I stuck mine up straight away
Cut out your building shapes, stick them on as you like
Now cut your post it notes into different sized squares and stick onto the buildings.

We have put this up in Chase’s room, he plays with his super hero figurines flying them around and climbing up the buildings.


Web Spray the Bad Guys

The birthday boy practically in his birthday suit.

The birthday boy practically in his birthday suit.

What kid does’t want to be able to spray web’s like spiderman?

All you need is
some silly spray
Poster of the bad guys
some kids
and a broom to sweep up after lol



Knock down the Villains


What you’ll need

Empty tinned cans
Printed + cut out pics of villians
a ball

Stack the cans take in turns to throw the ball to know them down.



Superhero Cuffs


What you’ll need                        

Toilet rolls
Paint + paint brush
Super hero logo’s printed out

Paint the toilet rolls in the colours you like
Once dried, cut down one side (the longest way)
Now cut in half to make x2 cuffs
Cut around the edges to round them off
Stick you logo on
and now you have super hero cuffs. 🙂



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