Reusing veggies scraps to grow in your garden.

I dont know about you but i am always buying punnets of seedlings with the intention of growing a fabulous garden.  That not the case for me, there are too many of one veggie in a punnet and i’m too impatient to stagger the planting out over a couple of weeks, instead i just forget about them and they end up dying .

Part of my garden.

Part of my garden.

Until i stumbled onto this idea of reusing your old veggie scraps to regrow new veggies. It’s super cheap as you’r already buying the food to eat anyway. It simple, rewarding and fun for the kids to watch them sprout.

photo-80Some Bok Choy i regrew

   Some Bok Choy i regrew

I have grown Celery, Bok Choy and Romaine (cos) lettuce

  • Chop the base  leaving around 3cm or more and place in a bowl of waterIMG_7385
  • Do not cover the entire plant just ensure the roots are covered.
  • Place on your kitchen window sill and watch your little roots start to sprout in a few days
  • Change the water and discard any yucky pieces of plant
  • Leave for around a week
  • Remove from the water and transfer to your garden

    Starting to sprout

    Starting to sprout

  •  Plant the vegetable leaving only the leaves above the soil
  • Water daily, your plant will continue to grow

Im going to try some spring onion next and i have some pumpkin seeds ready to plant as soon as i get around to finishing my other garden bed.



2 thoughts on “Reusing veggies scraps to grow in your garden.

  1. Great idea! I regrow spring onion just in a glass of water. It grows really quickly, so the kids can see it pop up within 24 hours! I don’t have garden beds but your space looks awsome.

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