Kids super cute play tent.

My kids love jumping and pulling my couch to pieces and honesty i’m over fixing it 10000 times a day. I had to find something for them to play on instead, mmmmmm a Teepee maybe?
I jumped on the net to get some ideas. There are so many but having a little adventurous 1 year old the Teepee was looking a little unsafe, i could just see her pulling it down on herself or trying to climb up it. A tent look a little more stable and just as cute. Off to spotlight i went, wow i could spend all day in there buying material for things i will do “one day”.

csca My obsession is chevron at the moment and this beautiful piece of material was perfect, colourful yet warm and calming.

What you’ll need

4 x wooden dowels
4x pine boards
20″ spade drill bit
2x 92cm x 112cm material
2x 24cm x 112cm material Bottom

  • Drill  2 holes in each board  16cm from the top and 2.5 cm from the bottom.
  • Assemble the dowels through the holes


  • Sew the bottom (small) pieces of material to each large piece with a 1.5cm seam
  • Now sew the two large pieces together with a 1.5cm seam, then sew a 1cm hem around the entire piece of material
  • Fold the bottom piece in half and sew into the join to create a tunnel for the dowel, do the same for the other side. ( i found this easier less visible seams.)

Great for some quiet reading

Relatively easy to make and folds up so it can be stored away when not in use.

Brings lots of fun a little hidy house, a place to read, picnics with teddies a place for a sleep lots of imagination and play.

Our tent inspiration came from Halsey of Spunky Junky


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