Pumpkin, spinach and ham mini Quiches ( kid friendly, dairy free, low Fodmap, gluten free and paleo option)

Quiches are so versatile you can add or sneak many veggies into them. Not to mention they are easy to make a fantastic quick meal or snack.



I chose to use puff pastry for this as my little ones are ok with gluten but you could use a gluten free pastry or even leave the pastry out which is what i would do if i was making them for myself to eat.

What you’ll need

Makes 12 muffin size quiches

1 1/2 cups pumpkin
1 cup spinach
1/3 cup ham
3 sheets puff pastry
3 eggs lightly beaten
spring onion (green part)
salt and pepper to taste

Trying to help mummy but really just making more mess he he

Trying to help mummy but really just making more mess he he

  • Pre heat your oven to 160
  • Peel and cut your pumpkin, steam until soft
  • Mash and set aside to cool
  • Cut the pastry into circles ( i used a glass cup to cut around, make sure the cup is at least a cm larger than the muffin molds so your pastry will come up to the sides of the muffin tray)
  • lightly oil the muffin tray and place the cut pastry into the molds
  • prick with a fork and pop in the oven to par bake for 10mins checking they dont puff up too much, just pop a few more holes in with a fork if they start too
  • Chop your ham, spinach and spring onion then add to the pumpkin mash
  • Add the eggs and stir until well combined
  • Fill your par baked pastry cups with the mixture and pop back in the oven for 20 mins or until golden and cooked through.




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