Foam Window Art, for some inside play.

Winter is creeping up and so are those nasty germs. Little man has come down with croup, poor darling. For anyone who has had a child with croup they will know it strikes at night or more should i say in the early hours of the morning. During the day your child is mostly normal maybe a runny nose or a bit off but still happy to play, though you maybe tired from being up most of the night they seem to have a heap of energy. (so not fair)


What to do for the day?
I don’t want to take him outside in the cold or to a play centre to spread his germs, nor could i really be bothered today, so it looks like its craft time.

What you’ll need


Coloured Foam (you can pick these up from the $2 shop)
Paint brush
Small cup of water
Towel depending how messy your child is

  • Cut the foam into various shapes  ( or just but the foam already cut into things)
  • Fill your cup with a little water and the paint brush
  • Place all the shapes into a container for your child
  • Set up the towel below the window to catch any drips

Your child can now start painting some water on the window, and then stick up the shapes



Hours of fun and relatively mess free. Be sure to dry the foam shapes after using.

This can also be used in the bath 🙂





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