A Peppa Pig “Muddy Puddles” Birthday Party with crafts

Our Baby girl is about to turn 1, wow how that year has flown by.


Arliyah loves Peppa Pig so i wanted to create a Peppa Pig style party for her without having to spend lots on all the merchandise party goods. It was a lovely change to do a girls party as i have been doing little boys parties for the past 3 years. I love to bit of a challenge what better way than to craft, cook and have a party.

First thing to make was the cute invites to send out to all our friends and loved ones

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 1.10.43 PM

Peppa Pig’s favoutrite thing to do is to jump in Muddy Puddles so why not make some.

What you’ll need

Brown paint
Clear Contact

  •  Cut out puddle shapes with the paper in all different sizes
  • Paint all the pieces with the brown paint and leave to dry
  • Once totally dry cover in clear contact so the kids don’t rip the paper when jumping
  • Stick the paper to the floorphoto-26

Gumboots Decorations

Coloured paper

What are Muddy Puddles without Gumboots

What are Muddy Puddles without Gumboots

  • Cut out little gumboots using the coloured paper
  • pin a hole in the top of each gumboot
  • slide them onto the piece of cotton, tying a knot at each end of the cotton
  • hang around the house

A cute little decoration

Pig Nose’s

Egg Carton
Pink Paint
Black texter


  • Cut out the egg cups from the egg cartons
  • Paint with the pink paint
  • When the paint has dried, draw 2 crosses on the end of the nose
  • Poke two holes at each side of the nose
  • Cut the string a bit longer than the size of the child’s head
  • Poke it through one hole and tie a knot
  • Measure again against the child’s head to know where to tie the last knot
  • Poke the string through the other hole and tie off.

Buttery Fly Giftbags


Chase really enjoyed making these with me.

What you’ll need

Wooden pegs
Paint in different colours
Pipe cleaners
Mini eyes
Small zip lock bags
Glue gun


  • Paint the wooden pegs Chase did this part
  • While he was painting i cut the pipe cleaners into thirds, fold them in half then twirl the two ends to make antenna’s
  • When the paint is dry, heat your glue gun and stick on the eyes and pipe cleaners
  • Fill your zip lock bag with( fruit, bicky’s, coloured paper etc) about half way
  • Place the peg in the middle of the bag and you have cute little butterfly’s


Now at last the cake

I enjoy decorating cakes and fiddling around with little decorations. I am quite particular in the way i do things, i like everything to be perfect, yes it can be a bad habit. But that is me 🙂

Peppa Pig Cake


I made the cute  figurines  they were quite easy to do.

Yes i made a tiny bowl with little apples and a banana.

I used fondant to decorate the whole cake and for all the little additions. Even the cute figurines that Chase has been hanging to play with so now the party is done i guess i should let him though i don’t want to let go of them they are just too cute.


For the background i used a piece of blue material and then just cut out some clouds, a sun and stuck them to the material. For Peppa’s apple tree i just painted a toilet roll and cut out cardboard for the branches. I then used coloured paper to cut out leaves and apples then stuck then all to the tree.

It was a fantastic day


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