Cacao Crunch a tasty addictive chocolate treat (gluten free, sugar free, fructose friendly, dairy free)

This is a favourite little recipe i came up with one night when i was craving chocolate. I was searching through my pantry for some, and i almost went for my partners chocolate so glad i didn’t i would have paid for it from him and my tummy and i wouldn’t have made this lovely treat to share with you all.


Very easy to make, it took me longer to do this post đŸ™‚

Cacao sauce

2 tbl Virgin Coconut oil melted
1 tbl Rice malt syrup
1 tbl Cacao powder

Combine all your ingredients in a bowl and mix.

I rarely measure my ingredients, there is no wrong way to make this sauce add more of what you like to get the taste/consistency you want. I am going to try this with cacao butter next time for something a little different.

Once your sauce is done line a tin, plate, or a plastic lid with baking paper
Add your granola or what you are using and mix
I use my Granola Crunch to mix with the chocolate sauce, but you could use just nuts and seeds or buckwheat.
Pour the mixture onto the tray and spread out you can be rough, i just slap it down he he makes it rustic looking
Freeze for 5-10 mins sometimes it doesn’t even get that long as soon as its held together its pretty much gone in our house.
You can cut into pieces or simple break up as you go



Taste delicious on its on with fruit or some banana ice cream

Store this in the freezer if there is any left



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