Sunday FuN dAy Farmers Market!

We love going to our local Farmers Market on a Sunday morning.

A little obsessed

A little obsessed

Its packed with fruit and veggie stalls and loads of other knick knacks, a little animal farm for the kids to explore and they even have a band. Its a great day to spend with the family.

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After picking up all my fruit and veg i head off home to do the boring part, unpacking, washing and storing everything.
It takes a bit but once you get a system happening, it really does save you a huge amount of time during the week.

So there are a few ways you can do this depending on how bothered you are, how much time you have and how organised you  want to be.

Start with a clean bench and empty sink. If you are lucky enough to have a double sink most people do these days. Its much easier.

Unpack your vegies and sort them out:

Things that need to be washed

Bean’s, carrots, celery, tomatoes, apples, kale, capsicum  you get my drift

Things that dont need to be washed

Avocado’s, banana’s, watermelon, etc

Things to be washed just before use

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, herbs, broccoli, etc
I dont wash these until i use them as they are hard to dry properly and can get slimy.

  • Fill both sinks half way with cold water
  • Lay paper towel or a tea towel on the bench/sink
  • Add 1/4cup white vinegar or you could use Bicarb Soda to ONE sink
  • Put in your fruit &  veg to be washed (depending how many you have you may need to do a few batches, i usually do.) in the sink with the vinegar.   IMG_7364
  • Leave for 5-10 mins (I  like make a snack or something to pass the time )
  • When the time is up transfer the soaking fruit & veg into the sink of fresh water and soak for a min then rinse
  • Lay clean fruit & veg on towel to dry (you can pat dry)
  • Repeat the process with other  fruit & veg

So you can stop here and put your fruit and veg away or go on to the next step

Arranging your Fridge

I maybe slightly OCD when it comes to my fridge….

IMG_7558 IMG_7557

I have little containers i use in my fridge to separate my fruit and veg. I just bought them from my local $2 shop, sometimes i just use what the produce comes in eg strawberry punnet chop the lid off  and pop some paper towel on the bottom.use what the produce comes in eg strawberry punnet chop the lid off  and pop some paper towel on the bottom.

I prep up some salads for the week in my Mason jars and smoothie mixes into zip lock bags, sometimes even snacks.

It does take effort and it can be hard with little ones around i sometimes feel like it takes me 4 hours to unpack my groceries beacuse im doing 50 other things at the same time.

It really does pay off though

Pretty much all your fruit and veg is clean, so all you need to do is grab it out and chop it up

Easy for when you are looking around for a snack

Save’s time when your making up snacks for the kids in the morning.

You can prep dinner a little later so you may be able to enjoy a nice cuppa

Smoothie’s are prepped for breaky on the go even faster, you don’t have to think now.

Lunch is ready just tip it out of you mason jar add some protein and salad dressing, no skipping meals

Reusing veggie scraps to grow in your garden. Easy


I dont know about you but i’m always buying seedlings to plant in my garden, and then forgetting to plant them or water them and then my chickens get to them.

I have found a way to use your veggies scraps to regrow and plant and its simple yay!

Keep a look out for a detailed post on how to do this.


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