Easter Craft Fun

What do you do when you are stuck at home with no car and everyone is sick.

You raid the craft cupboard.
I really need to do more craft i have so much stuff ,i’m always picking up or keeping little things i may use one day, but never seem to.

Easter Bunny comes next week so i thought we should do something Eastery.



Toilet Roll Bunnies

What you’ll need

Toilet rolls
Glue gun
Moveable eyes
Mini pink pom poms
Glue stick
Cotton wool balls
Paper (pink,white,black)
Tissue paper

  • For the ears hand cut out 2 oval shapes one smaller than the other, then glue the pieces together using the glue stick. (I let Chase do this part)
  • Using your glue gun (i did this part),  glue the ears to the top of the toilet roll. You could use double sided sticky tape instead of a glue gun.
  • Chase picked out some goggly eyes and i glued them on with the glue gun
  • For the whiskers i cut out 3 thin strips of black paper and glue gunned  them to the back of the pom pom
  • When the glue had dried, i glue gunned  the pom pom nose/whiskers to the toilet roll
  • We then took 4 cotton wool balls and stuck then in the top of the toilet roll for some hair, you can glue gun around the inside of the toilet roll for extra support
  • Draw on a cute little mouth                   IMG_7806
  • Glue gun a cotton wool ball on the back of the toilet roll for a cute button tail
  • I added a little dress i thought bunny looked bare, i just used a glue stick around the bottom of the toilet roll and cut a piece of tissue paper to size and stuck


Chase played imagination play for ages with these

Chase played imagination play with these bunnies for at least an hour


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