Dry hair and Split Ends? the answer……..

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

This can be done as often as needed.

I have naturally long curly hair and i straighten and blow dry it almost everyday. So its always dry and i have a tendency for split ends. Since i started doing coconut oil treatments, my hair feels AMAZING and silky soft.

This can be done half an hour or an hour before a shower or over night there are no real rules.

  • Grab your jar of coconut oil and start applying to your hair, the coconut oil will melt in your hands so no need to melt first.
  • Really focus on the dryer parts of your hair.
  • Once you have soaked your hair in coconut oil and smell delicious rub whatever is left on your hands on your elbows, face, knees and where that is feeling dry.
  • I then wrap my hair in a bun  (braid it if leaving in overnight ) and leave for the desired amount of time.
  • If you don’t have time you can use heat for 15mins on you hair with a hairdryer, make sure you cover hair with a shower cap or something. Applying heat will open the cuticle of each strand so the coconut oil can penetrate the core faster.
  • Now its time to shower, wash your hair as you normally would just focus a bit more on getting all the oil out  you might have to do two shampoos. Style as usual 🙂


You will be amazed  ♥


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